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Our writing departments Custom Essay Writing Company comprises several writing departments created to meet the most unique and difficult Essay Writing Topics. Such departmentalization places professional writers in Custom Writing Teams that cover the following areas:

  • Business Writing. This department deals exclusively with essays, reports, memos, questionnaires and presentations that you might be required to prepare for your business classes. mastered topics in accounting, business, finance, investments, real estate, stock markets, macroeconomics, microeconomics, business communications etc. Students can order the custom written essays in the format required by their professor regardless of be it a spreadsheet, PowerPoint Presentation, case study or a report. This essay writing department possesses the greatest number of clients compared to other custom writing departments.
  • Social Sciences Writing. This custom essay writing department deals with topics and classes related primarily to psychology, sociology, medicine and nursing. This department boasts the greatest number of return customers.
  • Literature writing. This department comprises the greatest number of professional writers capable of writing custom essays, term papers, and book reports on virtually any pieces of literature. EssayPlant covers both the US and World literature.
  • Art writing. We know that beauty will save the world one day and at present are there to help you write essays, and papers on any piece of art or music belonging to any period in human history as required by your school.
  • Religion and Philosophy. This custom essay department employs professors as well as true believers who work as teams to produce masterpieces and reflect on the origin of man, immortality, God, the balance between the Good and Evil, righteousness or reincarnation. EssayPlant effectively compares religions and key figures in philosophy and religion.
  • High school graduates and exchange students. EssayPlant knows well the needs of US high school seniors and foreign students who want to apply and study in the US colleges and universities. It is for this reason EssayPlant writes custom application and motivation letters that help these students develop their own pieces of work required by the US universities.
  • Auxiliary Writing services. EssayPlant is aware of other interests and demands of high school, college or university students and thus employs a limited number of professors dealing with Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Mechanical Engineering, or Programming.

EssayPlant operator upon receiving your order immediately directs it to one of the departments. After the order is picked up by one of our professional writers, it will be confirmed in a letter. You can order your Custom Essays, Term Papers and Research Papers here..


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