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All essays, research papers purchased from are written for individual research and reference. does not promote plagiarism in any form and thus encourages clients to use papers, custom written essays, book reports or term papers as models in their individual writing efforts. The use of purchased work as own will constitute cheating in your educational institution. provides custom term paper writing, editing, re-writing services inclusive of research material for assistance purposes only. The term papers, essays, book reports and research papers should be used with proper reference and are not meant to replace actual assignments.

By clicking the Order now button you agree that your submitted order comprises complete and exhaustive set of writing instruction for EssayPlant to write your essay. The custom paper you ordered will be delivered within the time period specified in the order form. If for some reason the writers take longer to complete the paper and you no longer need it, you agree to inform EssayPlant after the deadline passed, but before the paper is emailed to you. In this case, we will consider cancelling the paper and refunding the money in full. Failure to respond to you in a timely manner resulted from problems caused by your email server, computer, or errors in the order form remain your proper responsibility.

By ordering the essay you agree to abide by your local laws and regulations with respect to the proper and honest credit card use. You agree not to engage in any behavior that would violate these laws. You agree to treat staff, and our secure payment processor (AlertPay) with respect and frankness.

EssayPlant reserves the right to cancel any prepaid essay order at its own discretion. Should the cancellation take place a full refund will be issued and the customer will be notified in advance by email.

We guarantee that the final custom written product will reasonably match the set of instructions specified in the order form, yet should we fail to write the essay in accordance to the guidelines and instructions specified in the order form, we will revise your paper free of charge if you contact EssayPlant within 62 hours upon receiving the paper. Your revision requests sent and received after 62 hours will not be considered by essay writing administration.

All sales at EssayPlant are final and no essay, book report, cliff note or term paper can be refunded under any circumstance. We started to apply this policy after certain students copied the custom written content of our essay and requested a refund claiming they did not like the paper. Few days later, these students sold that essay on eBay…and placed another order with EssayPlant.

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