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What is freewriting? How to free-write?

Freewriting is the most popular technique used by writers to practice writing in general, and to collect their initial thoughts and ideas on a writing topic. Freewriting is used as a preliminary to more formal writing.

Free writing means continuous writing, usually for a predetermined period of time (often 5 to 20 minutes). The writer pays no attention to spelling, grammar, etc., and makes no corrections. If the writer reaches a point where they have no idea what to write, then they write that they cannot think of anything to write, until they find another line of thought to be put in writing. The writer can stray off topic, and let their thoughts lead them wherever they may. When Albert Einstein said that his pen was wiser than he was, he meant freewriting practices.

Freewriting should be done on a daily basis as a part of the writer's daily exercise. Students in many writing courses are required to present daily freewriting exercises. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your Freewriting exercise. Their experience allows them to quickly develop a successful essay on ALL university topics. Do not procrastinate, order Custom Writing Services now!



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