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How to write a grant proposal?

A Grant Proposal is a first step towards becoming successful in gaining the funds necessary to carry out certain projects, most of which aim at benefiting the society as a whole. The main purpose of the grant proposal is to demonstrate the willingness to develop a meaningful cooperative relationships with the funding agencies, community leaders, organizations, and other people. It is only through the cooperation and collaboration among different agents of change it is possible to achieve the desired results and demonstrate long-term change. The Grant proposal, therefore, is a roadmap for developing such projects.
In order to make the grant proposal successful it is necessary to present the information in a succinct and clear way, demonstrating the pros and cons, the benefits and costs of the given proposed initiative.

The structure of a Grant Proposal:
Title. The Title should be memorable and captivating because the sponsors choose among many competing alternatives. Something has to make them want to read your grant proposal.
Project Overview. This section provides a snapshot of the whole project. The idea is to give the sponsors a general understanding of what the project is going to be about by reading only about one page of text. The key is to entice them to read more.
Background information and the Statement of Problem. This section summarizes the contemporary problems that the project strives to solve. It therefore, shows the relevance of your project. All Grant Proposals need to show relevant projects.s
Project details. This is the main section of the Grant Proposal, therefore, it should include all the necessary details, including

  • Goals and objectives
  • Clientele/market
  • Methods
  • Staff and Administration

Available resources. This section shows the resources that the person who writes a Grant Proposal has on hands. It is advisable to have some resources to start with, otherwise, the Grant Proposal.
Needed Resources: This section features all the resources that you lack to get the project accomplished. You must be very accurate in presenting these resources as it shows how realistic you are with your grant proposal.

  • Personnel. Who will work on what assignment? What will you personally do?
  • Facilities. Where will the project take place? Does it need an office? What is the location?
  • Equipment/supplies/communications. What instruments, tools, technology and other material (means of production) are necessary to get the project started and accomplished?
  • Budget. How much money will you need and for what? What is the budget of your project?

Evaluation Plan. This is the forecasting section of your grant proposal. You should present your future results and achievements as based on reasonable guesses and experiences. The sponsors will view this section carefully to determine the realism of your project.
Appendices. As in any type of writing appendixes in grant proposal writing serve the purpose of storing illustrations, images, charts, diagrams and other visual aids. They should be properly referenced throughout the paper. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your Grant Proposal. Their writing experience allows them to grasp the topic and quickly develop a successful paper to help you win the desired grant!. Do not procrastinate, order Custom Grant Proposal now!


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