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To demonstrate our dedication to quality work and to alleviate the worries of the new customers, we offer comprehensive money-back guarantees. No more empty promises—we back up our quality claims with money-back guarantees.


Refunded amount


We could not find a writer to work on your assignment


In exceptionally rare cases, when we cannot find a writer, we immediately inform the customer and provide a full refund.

You paid more than once for the same paper (1).


When you paid for the same order more than once, you will receive all the payments you made in error.

The paper was plagiarized


We have a two-tiered plagiarism detection system that assures complete originally of your order. Unlike other companies, that only claim to provide plagiarism-free papers, we back up our claims with a money-back guarantee!

You no longer need the paper AND less than half of a deadline passed.

60% or change of assignment

If your professor changed the assignment and you need a paper on a different topic there is a solution. We can either cancel the whole order and keep 40% (refund 60%) or we can negotiate terms for a new assignment.

You no longer need the paper AND more than half of a deadline passed.

50% or negotiate a change of assignment (2).

By the same token, if your assignment changed (and you no longer need the paper you ordered) you can get a 50% refund and have the order cancelled. OR, you can contact and negotiate a new assignment (change of paper instructions).

  • Please note that some assignments require the use of reputable online sources. In this case, all online sources used in the paper are properly referenced according to your preferred style of referencing.
  • Should you have any concerns, please contact our company within the next 5 days following the receipt of your paper.


(1) Keep in mind that if you placed two (or more) identical orders, the system processes them differently. This is usually the case when satisfied customers recommend their friends and peers to use our services (and hence order several papers on the same topic). In this case usually contacts its customers to double-check.


(2) Our customer support team is always available to your questions, comments, suggestions and concerns. If your assignment details changed, we suggest you to immediately contact our customer service managers to assure that your assignment is written on your new topic.



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