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High School Essays and papers should be original and typed/computer-printed. They should be double-spaced, titled, fully referenced and proofread. The final copy of the essay should be printed out and stapled. Depending on the style of reference, the essay should have 12-point Courier New, Arial, or Times New Roman font.

All essays should be delivered on or before the due date in class or dropped in a special designated drop box. Students should understand that there is no excuse for late or overdue papers and ascertain proper preparation. Computer difficulties, blackouts, printer problems, or anything else is not a valid reason for handing papers late. The student should proofread, rewrite, print out and correct the final copy of the essay before the due date.

Most professors are flexible and helpful, so if students envisage difficulties on the time they got the assignment, they should contact the professor and discuss the matters well ahead of time. Usually professors agree to make some arrangements, yet demand an extra effort from students. Thus, the professor might require to write 2 papers, or place a penalty on the late paper. Late papers delivered without prior discussion with professors usually result in a zero "F" grade.

The importance of proper spelling and writing cannot be underestimated. Students should proofread their final copies more than once. In some cases they should ask their peers for review the paper. Any error, blunder or mistake should be immediately corrected. The student should reprint the whole paper. Unproofread papers in any university or college are given low marks since they show a slack attitude of the student who wrote it.

Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs. A single instance of plagiarism usually fails the paper and sometimes fails the whole course. Plagiarism is the work of any author used in the paper without proper referencing and quotation. If a student wants to use someone else's ideas, she/he should always cite the sources carefully and distinguish the author's thoughts from student's thoughts. Direct statements and words should be placed in quotation marks and again cited in text and on the reference page. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your High School Essays and Papers. Their writing experience allows them to grasp the topic and quickly develop a successful essay. Do not procrastinate, order Custom High School Essay now!


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