Personal Statement

Personal Statement will take you to college only if it is professionally written. While it might take some students a few hours to write a true masterpiece, it usually takes students a few weeks to create a Personal Statement that would suffice the college entry requirements.

The table below provides students with a useful timeline for Personal Statement Writing. Students can either copy/paste or directly print out the timeline and use it in the process of writing Personal Statements for college or university.






Complete the University Application





 Brainstorm Ideas/ Questions 





Make decisions on 200-word and 600-word





Prompt 1 Draft






Prompt 2 Draft






Prompt 3 Draft






Feedback Questions Written





Reader 1: Application, Feedback Questions, Drafts Distributed





Reader 2: Application, Feedback Questions, Drafts Distributed





Reader 3: Application, Feedback Questions, Drafts Distributed





Organize Feedback by Pattern





Revise Essay






Proofread Essay





Submit Application Packet to chosen

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