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Research papers

A Research paper shows the writer's ability to process a lot of material, to get the gist and to present a fresh look at the old ideas and problems. Still many university students wonder how to writer a research paper. They want either a quality essay writing tutorial, or custom writing services where professional writers assist them in writing a research paper. Please use this tutorial to polish your writing skills and write quality research papers.

Every research paper has the following parts: Thesis, Summary, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

The thesis of a Research Essay resembles the thesis of a persuasive essay, yet the writer should do more than just restating existing opinions, repeating existing thoughts, or routinely citing some resources. The writer should establish a unique thesis or work on the existing thesis. If you are uncertain about the thesis, it is better to ask the professor than to choose something. The goal of a research paper is to build more knowledge, so the writer should use modern scientific advances and theories in the research paper. For instance, one can use the modern psychological theories to comment on the mass psychosis and revolutions. One can use modern economic theories to describe some processes that took place during the Great Depression. Finally, one can use modern sociology to explain the collapse of the Soviet Union or the US aggression in the Middle East. Selecting a unique, relevant and interesting thesis is the first step towards writing a successful "A" grade research paper. The research paper thesis is probably the most important part of the essay, because it organizes the material and directs writer's efforts.

The body of a research essay is a corroboration of thesis and writer's arguments. The body uses educated findings, arguments, citations and references to effectively prove the writer's point. The body of the essay should include the opposing views and effectively refute them.

The conclusion of a Research Paper summarizes the body of the essay and repeats the thesis. It should briefly sum up the paper and show clearly what the writer had achieved or failed to achieve.

The essay should use professional language used by the target audience (readers). It should be interesting, instructive, and succinct. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your Research Essays/Papers. Their writing experience allows them to grasp the topic and quickly develop a successful essay. Do not procrastinate, order Custom Research Essay now!


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