FIELD EXP 1: BEST PRACTICES OBSERVATION DIRECTIONS: 1. Visit an elementary classroom and observe literacy instruction 2.Using the “Best Practices” in literacy instruction as guide for these observations, record what is observed in the classroom during whole and/ or small group instruction. 3.Record your observations. 4. Using those observations write a minimum 3 page paper. […]

Essay example: on happiness

Write an essay discussing an aspect of ‘happiness’ that interests you, with reference to AT LEAST TWO of the following sources: the films Happy-Go-Lucky and The Hours; the short story ‘To Room Nineteen’ by Doris Lessing; the chapters ‘Feminist Killjoys’ and ‘Conclusion’ from the book The Promise of Happiness by Sara Ahmed; the chapters ‘The […]

Magazine, Game, Video, and Song Survey writing

Paper instructions: Review a magazine, video, game, or song that is targeting adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age. The goal of this project is to use the various items as an indicator of what is important in the life of an average adolescent and what inforamtion they are exposed to […]

How to write a critical analysis of the film with Johnny Depp – “FROM HELL ”

Critical analysispaper instructions: 1)explore the ways in which the Victorian East End is represented in the film 2)discuss how and why the film opts for an ideological resolution of the themes of social inequality and gender oppression as opposed to going for a counter-ideological critique of these social problems 3)Explore the meaning and function of […]

An Analysis Oedipus the King

Paper instructions: This paper will serve as a brief analysis of Oedipus the King. The analysis can be framed around the following points: 1. What is the play trying to say (theme)? 2. Whose story is it? (The main character, eg; ). 3. What are the relationships of the characters to one another? 4. Can […]

Writing a typical article summary

Start with the selection of the article. E.g. “Sex differences in Goals for Supportive Interactions” by Erina L. MacGeorge, Bo Feng, Ginger L. Butler, Jennifer L. Dane & Stacey A. Passalacqua. 2005 1. briefly summaries the research findings. 2. list one strength and one weakness of the article 3. incorporate any application of theory or […]