Alcoholism and Domestic Violence Research Proposal

Term Paper/Research Proposal on Alcoholism and Domestic Violence Select a topic of Alcoholism and Domestic Violence and write an 8-10 page research proposal. Your research proposal should include the following: 1. An introduction (about 1 page) 2. Literature review (about 3-4 pages). Find peer-reviewed articles related to Alcoholism and Domestic Violence and paraphrase important conclusions […]

Drug use and how it relates to the crime rate

Editable Home Page You can edit this home page using our free, drag and drop Page Builder, or simply disable it to fall back to a standard blog. It’s a powerful page building experience. Start Editing Loads of Icons This widget uses FontAwesome – giving you hundreds of icons. Or you could disable the icon […]

Juvenile Prostitution

Juvenile Prostitution Research Proposal Select a topic of your choice and write an 8-10 page research proposal. Font: Times New Roman size 12. Your research proposal should include the following: 1. An introduction (about 1 page) 2. Literature review (about 3-4 pages). Find peer-reviewed articles related to your topic (juvenile prostitution, teen prostitution) and paraphrase […]

Team performance analysis

Referring again to the models, competencies and other frameworks and tools we’ve covered this course, give your independent (and confidential) view of how your team performed in preparing the presentation. For example (and don’t tell me none of these happened because when you get a bunch of people working to a deadline, they always do): […]

Commonwealth v. Berkowitz analysis

CASE ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT Select any case cited in the textbook (Criminal Law, 10th Edition≈Joel Samaha) as listed in the Case Index on pages 495 through 498. You will research and analyze the case with particular attention paid to the actual reasoning the deciding Court used in reaching their ruling. Include a brief statement of the […]


Essay on happiness

Essay on Happiness in literature Write an essay discussing an aspect of happiness in literature that interests you, with reference to AT LEAST TWO of the following sources: the films Happy-Go-Lucky and The Hours; the short story To Room Nineteen by Doris Lessing; the chapters Feminist Killjoys and Conclusion from the book The Promise of […]

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Evaluation essays

Look at the following websites and then read through a typical popular beauty or ‘health’ magazine (e.g., Self, Shape, Women’s Health, Vogue, Glamour, Men’s Health, Mademoiselle, GQ, Maxim, etc.). How are the ideas on the websites manifest in the magazines? What are the images of beauty on the websites and how do they compare to […]

Argumentative essays outline: Prayer in Schools

Argumentative paper instructions: Policy Paper Format: Section I: Statement of Problem (2-3 sentences) > Phrase the topic as a brief statement that requires a decision > > Section II: Background (1-2 pages) > Include only the essential facts that a decision maker ⌠needs to know■ to understand the context of the problem. Be clear, precise […]

ObamaCare and the Healthcare crisis in the United States

Develop a position essay which shows what the problem is with the current Obama healthcare system in place in the U.S. highlighting the vast amount of uninsured individuals. Please develop both sides of the argument showing what Obamacare is trying to accomplish but ultimately take one side or the other and develop that theory. If […]