The Impact of Unemployment

The Impact of Unemployment Unemployment is an economic phenomenon that occurs in most, if not all, world countries. It means that no availability of legal job opportunities for those who are able to work and qualified for labor. As a result, it has a negative impact upon individuals, families and communities. In this regards, Thomas […]

“Educating Freedom” initiative by

Do you know what as you read this text, there are bloody revolutions taking place around the world in at least 5 different places? Millions of people are abused, kicked out of their houses, or displaced in other ways. Millions are seeking refuge abroad in order to restart their lives. chose to contribute to the […]

The Benefits of Recycling

[This article was contributed by Abdulghani Al-Shuaibi so students can learn better!]  Recycling is a process of making something new from used things. In other words, it is the reuse of materials such as papers, glass, cans, liquid body waste, etc. in order to regain materials for human use. It is proved by vast majority of studies […]