A critique

An article critique (or a critique) usually never exceeds 2000 words. The article chosen should be one that will be listed in the bibliography of his/her research proposal. There is no restriction on choice of subject matter but the selected article should be from a refereed/reputable journal and should include methodology and study design issues.

Details of how to write an article critique are the following:

Structure of a critique:

Read the selected article.

  • The following questions may be used as a guide to evaluate the journal article and help you write quality article critique.
  • While you may add additional headings and comments, the following structure of a crique is the most commonly used and expected in American universities.

Research Problem

  • State the research problem.
  • Was the research problem clearly stated?
  • Were the specific questions for research specified, or can they be implied?


  • Were the general and specific objectives of the study specified or implied?
  • State the general and specific objectives of the study.

Literature Review

  • Was the literature up to date?
  • Was the literature critically reviewed and appraised?


State the hypotheses of this study (if applicable)

Study Design

State the study design

Study Population

  • What were the units of observation in this study?
  • What were the criteria used for inclusion or exclusion of study subjects?

Data collected and study variables

  • What were the data collected?
  • What were the independent and dependent variables?


  • What was the sampling technique?
  • Were the study subjects selected as representative samples?
  • To which population can the results of this study be generalized?


  • What controls were used?
  • Were the study and control groups reasonably comparable?
  • What criteria were used to show comparability of study and control groups?

Study Instruments

  • What study instruments were used in this study?
  • Was the study instrument properly calibrated/validated/pretested?
  • Were ethical problems adequately considered?

Flow Chart

Draw a flow chart to summarize the study

Duration of Study

What was the study period?


  • Were the methods of statistical analysis used appropriate for the study design?
    -Which statistical tests were used?
  • Did the authors control for confounding?
  • Were the results appropriately tabulated?
  • Were the methods of analysis adequate with respect to significance testing?
  • What significance level was used?
  • If the method of analysis is inappropriate what other statistical tests would you suggest?


  • Were the conclusions based on the results of the study, or were they biased?
  • Are the results of this study consistent with the findings of other research, other investigators’ experiences and your readings?
  • Are the findings of this study valid?
    Can the results of this study be accepted?
  • What are the implications or significance of the findings of this study?
    Can the results be generalized to the target population?

Overall Evaluation of Study

Discuss the strengths and limitations of this study. Did the author draw his conclusions in the light of the limitations of his study?

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