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Each year thousands of students in the USA alone finish their schools and face stiff competition from other American and foreign students. Taking into account the fact that most US high school students have to work to save money for college and university education, they have less time to prepare their application package (admission or application essays, resumes, CV, letter of motivation and application essays), let alone prepare a winsome application package that would let them into the college. Only few can hope to qualify for a decent scholarship, so they choose to spend their time making money rather than preparing themselves for college.

While the quality of college and university education in the USA increases, so does the competition among millions of students. In the era of globalization, American students have to compete for a place under the sun with students from Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, England or other countries who want to apply to the same university or college. So, can there be a solution which would assure that working students get accepted into a university and possibly qualify for a scholarship? Our Admission services were created for the sole purpose of assisting such students and giving them that competitive edge and attractive writing style.

Services we provide:

Admission Essays

Those essays, albeit different from letters of motivation, are also used by colleges and universities to learn more about you and your future goals. Those letters need to be succinct, yet at the same time attractive, logically structured, and emotionally rich and colorful. They need to make use of logos, ethos and pathos (appeals to logic, ethics/authority and emotions).

Our professional writers specialize in quality admission essay writing, and helped many busy students to find time for work and college application package.

Letters of motivation

These letters are demanded by all American universities to assess the overall motivation of potential applicants. Colleges and universities care about their reputation so they are interested in self-motivated students taking interest in their educational institution.

Our professional psychologists and university professors (who served or continue to serve on the admission board) can make a true masterpiece which would impress the reader.

Editing services

In addition to writing model admission essays, or letters of motivation from scratch, we can finetune your existing papers. It occurs that many smart and exceptionally bright students fail to get accepted into the university they want because they cannot “market themselves” properly, i.e. they cannot clearly explain their goals, motivation, strengths and weaknesses to the university admission committee.

Custom Editing services (which cost 70% of the essay price) suit those students who have assembled the information, and already wrote their admission essay. The essay, nonetheless, looks monochromous, boring and unattractive–something which would not bring that student to college even if she/he qualifies. Our professional editors will help you get the most from the essay you have created!

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