Admission Essay

Admission Essays are used by colleges, universities or companies to learn why a student chose to apply to that school or organization. Admission essays allow students to succinctly express their opinion and present their case. The evaluator will assess the applicant and decide whether or not the applicant passes the entrance requirements. Admission essays allow applicants to demonstrate their writing skills, ability to organize thoughts and express them clearly in words. This type of essay shows the evaluators the uniqueness of the applicant and is one of the most important elements of the admission process.
Admission essays are aimed to assess the applicant’s creativity, therefore, there are hundreds of possible topics that the applicant has to write on. The admission essay questions are open-ended, meaning that there cannot be one correct answer. Rather, these questions allow applicants to take any side and support any position. Admission essay topics can be divided into the following categories:
1. Personal Writing. Admission Essays can have any topic related to the personal experience of the applicant. Sample questions can be the following:
  • What helped you become the person you are now?
  • Where did you study and what experiences did you receive?
  • How did your parents influence your dreams and aspirations?
  • Who was the role model for you throughout your teenage years?
  • Describe your career goals. How will University X help you achieve your career dreams?
2. Argumentative Writing. Admission Essays provoke argumentative thinking in applicants and request them to argue their stance on the topic. The questions may be presented in the form of statements with which the applicant has to either agree or disagree. Sample essay questions can be the following:
  • Do you believe the USA wages wars to bring democracy to the most secluded parts of the world?
  • Can money bring happiness?
  • Modern Education does not guarantee a successful career. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Americans should spend more time with their families.
3. Knowledge Assessment Writing. Admission Essays require applicants not only to argue effectively and clearly present their thoughts in writing, but also to demonstrate their knowledge on a specific topic. Sample essay questions can be the following:
  • How do you believe technology will shape the US economy in the XXI century?
  • Demonstrate how Einstein’s theory of general relativity can be applied to the statement “One cannot enter twice in the same river”.
4. Scenario Writing. Admission essays can be based on some hypothetical scenarios. The writer has to read the scenario attentively and then answer questions that relate and are based on that scenario.
Admission Essays should be short essays (usually not over 500-600 words), so the writer must be very succinct and clear. Any unnecessary wording or information should be avoided.
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