Sample Admisson Essay

Admissons Essay example.

This is a two project order. The first project is two edit the existing draft of approximately 3 pages.

The project (order) is to create a separate word document that is not more than one page in length. In other words, project 2 this is a more concise one page version of the paper in project number one.

Please perform professional editing aiming to design an academic admissions essay. It has to be high level English. Primarily, I would like the writer edit it to make it sound better. In some instances some writing may be required.

The goal is to make the essay more concise. It may be a bit long at this point. Feel free to give me your personal feedback on that. In case of doubt we would to leave it at this or similar length.

Beyond that, I have highlighted specific parts in the word document that I find problematic. However, I would like the writer to change other parts as well if he/she feels appropriate.

Also, please check for plagiarism or phrases that may have been used by other. If so, please change the wording accordingly.

This essay should answer the following questions:
a) Your motivation for joining the programme
b) What are your aims for your future career development
c) Why you feel you are a suitable candidate for the programme
d.) Include any further information which you think is relevant to your application, e.g. personal suitability for research, career aspirations, possible future research interests, further description of relevant employment experience etc. Also include information about your leisure activities and interests.


Project 2.)
This essay shall answer the following questions:
a.) Please tell us your current or final average mark for the subjects you have studied in your degree, and if possible your position in class.

b.) Please tell us why you are interested in the MSc International Business and Management programme and how the course will impact on your future.

c.)It is very competitive to gain a place on this programme. Please tell us what makes you stand out as an exceptional applicant compared to others.

Also, please check for plagiarism or phrases that may have been used by other. If so, please change the wording accordingly.

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