Sample essay on Adolf Hitler.

This type of paper defends a specific thesis on an important topic in such a way as to convince an informed, rational and intelligent reader that the position is a correct one. It will contain five essential elements set off by Roman Numerals:
∙ Section I comprises a single declarative sentence which states the position (thesis) clearly, precisely and succunctly. (For example: “The leadership style that is the most effective is the situational model.”)
∙ Section II defends this position (thesis) by use of solid reasoning utilizing clear concepts, verifiable facts, and generally accepted principles. (Each distinct argument presented anywhere in the paper should have its own distinct paragraph.)
∙ Section III presents the case for the opposite view and raises possible objections to the points raised in section II.
∙ Section IV responds directly to the points raised in section III.
∙ Section V summarizes, evaluates and reaffirms the position stated in section I.
These five sections will discuss your expression of critical analysis and evaluation. Specifying these clear functions for each section will help you organize your thinking and stay on point.
DIRECTIONS: Any position regarding leadership can be considered. Please double space and use the Times New Roman font with a 12 point. I am not concerned with length or word count so I am not interested in fluff. Therefore, please demonstrate your ability to make your points and defend them. Outside references must be cited using APA format. The more scholarly references you use, the stronger your paper. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

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