Affirmative Action

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It is necessary to keep in mind that under the current law Affirmative Action policy can result in a reverse discrimination case if  (1) We establish quota systems and (2) Do not want to increase racial diversity. So to be on the safe side, we must never set goals like “hiring 50% of Hispanics for managerial positions, 20% of Blacks for executive positions, etc”, otherwise we might be sued. In our policy we should do like many other organizations that adopted affirmative action program, i.e. speak about the ultimate goal of fostering racial tolerance, cultural diversity, and pluralism of ideas contributed by different races, religious and ethnic groups (Steingold, 2005).

In practice, we should keep in mind that we want to increase the number of Hispanic employees and we can even have an approximate figure somewhere in our head, but we should not disclose it openly. Again to remain safe in terms of hiring, we should perhaps post job ads to Spanish speaking newspapers and magazines, which are unlikely to be read/understood by the white, so we will likely get applicants with Spanish-speaking backgrounds, i.e. Hispanics. In the job description we should inform everyone about the Affirmative action program and note our preference for Hispanics. During the interviewing process, on the other hand we should not be discriminative to candidates based on their skin color or ethnicity (Rothstein, 2005).

Affirmative action program indeed can help organizations to become more efficient only if these diverse employees qualify. One should not hire Hispanics only because they are Hispanics. They should be qualified for the job in the first place. And if there are no qualified Hispanics for this job, we should not hire any. To give them a chance, we should develop an internship program for Hispanics/minorities so that they learn and ultimately become qualify for the job (Moran , 2007).

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