Annotated Bibligraphy

You may choose to research Nella Larsen, Zora Neale Hurston, or Lorraine Hansberry. Choose ONE of these authors.

1. For the Annotated Bibliography, research FOUR academic articles that have to do with the author you have chosen.

2. The articles you choose must come from scholarly journals or a scholarly book.
You must use a scholarly source≈a piece written by a literary critic (professor)≈about the author you have chosen. Critics such as Deborah McDowell, Michael Awkward, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Barbara Johnson, etc.. There are many such critics out there.

3. You can use scholarly critical articles that focus on the following topics:

i. The article could focus directly on the literary work you are analyzing (for example, you can use an article analyzing Quicksand, Their Eyes Were Watching God, or A Raisin in the Sun).

ii. You could also find a critical article about the author, or one of the author▓s other works, if it has points that would help you understand the works we read in class better.

iii. Or you can find an article about the historical time period in which the author wrote, (such as the Harlem Renaissance, or one of the other periods described in your book)

iv. You can find an article based on a type of criticism used to analyze literature, such as feminist criticism, historiographical criticism, biographical criticism, postcolonial criticism, race-based criticism, a class-based criticism, psychoanalytic criticism, deconstructionist criticism, postmodernist criticism, etc.. These are examples of the the many approaches that professors take when they analyze a text. Feminist criticism, for example, focuses on gender.

3. After you have written the name, title, etc., underneath that, write a paragraph or two summarizing each critic▓s main arguments in the articles you found. One summary for each article! The paragraph or two should be about one page single spaced long PER ARTICLE. These summaries should be written in your own voice, and should be your own interpretations of what the main points of the texts are.

4. Then, explain in a separate paragraph, (one paragraph per article) how reading each critical article helped you to understand and analyze the literary work you chose better.

5. SO each article will be summarized and analyzed in at least 1 page or more.

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