Anthropology essay writing. World’s Linguistic Diversity

Anthropology essay writing. Topic: World’s Linguistic Diversity
This eassy from Langauge and Society(Anthropology)class.
Overview:The objective of this assignment is twofold:
(1) For you to explore and become familiar with the world’s linguistic diversity, and
(2) For you to analyze critically how languages throughout the world may be impacted by linguistic, geographical, socio-cultural, political, and economic factors, as well as the various consequences that this impact mayhave in the world’s linguistic diversity.

Resources: 1) Ethnologue, Languages of the World Encyclopedia:
2) Modern Language Association (MLA) Language Map:
So now….Using the resources mentioned above, and others that you may consider relevant, write up a coherent and integrated essay about ‘your country’ linguistic diversity. These are some of the things that you must consider in your research and write up:
1)Provide a map of the country assigned to you and plot on the map ten majority languages spoken in the country, using population of speakers as a criterion.
2) How many languages are spoken in the country? Which of the languages are
endangered or extinct?
3) What language does your assigned country use to conduct official business in
government, education, economic, and media institutions? Is the official language
native to your assigned country? If not, how did the official language evolve? Is it recognized as such in the country’s constitution or some other statute? Is it an ex-colonial language? If so, are there any efforts to replace it as the official language?
4) What are the neighboring countries? Which languages does your assigned
country share with neighboring countries?
4) Along with the previous point, do some research into the history of your assigned
country, its current population, major physical features, the climate, major
economic activities, and other notable features about the country. Have any of
these aspects had any impact in the history and evolution of the country’s
5) Select two of the languages (majority languages, minority languages, almost
extinct…etc.) and provide the major outlines of their history. What percentage of the country’s population speaks each language and which other language, if any,
poses a threat to these languages in the country? To what language families do the
two languages belong and what are the defining characteristics of each family What are the major features that distinguish both languages from each other?
6) Focus on the majority language and briefly compare it to your native language in terms of vocabulary and grammar. Is the majority language you chose a written
7) See if you can locate significant communities of the speakers of this language in the United States. If so, where are they found? (see and click on the language map for this information)
8) What have you learned about the world’s linguistic and cultural diversity in the
process of doing your research into this country and its language situation?
Length: The paper should be 1000 – 1700 words long (~4-5 pages).

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