Argumentative and analytical thesis writing

Complete a 3 full page Prospectus with the following information.
For this assignment, your purpose will be to develop a working, analytical, c for your final essay. I will also ask that you to think and write about your research strategy and possible resources. The subject of this essay is an MTV reality show. However, it will be your task to restrict, narrow-down, and focus this subject into a more specific topic and analytical, argumentative thesis. Your essay should present the audience with a problem associated with your topic and pose a logical and workable solution to it.
Your Prospectus must be at least two (2) typed pages and respond to all of the numbered and lettered prompts. You will be making a series of claims which will call for defense in the form of research. The claims will determine the amount and kind of resources you will use.
Please be as complete and thorough as possible. Not only will completing this assignment assist you in researching your topic and writing your paper. So do a good job.

Remember, your purpose in writing this essay is to seek out or explore a problem and pose a solution. Your research paper should do more than simply inform. It may help you to think about your thesis with regard to what type of claim(s) your research paper will make:

∙ Claim of fact- a claim (what the arguer is trying to prove) that asserts a condition has existed, exists, or will exist, based on data that the audience will accept as objectively verifiable.
∙ Claim of value- a claim that asserts that something is more/less desirable than something else.
∙ Claim of policy- a claim asserting that specific policies should be instituted as solutions to problems; something should, must, or ought to be done.

Argumentative and analytical thesis requirements:
1. Your Argumentative and analytical thesis must include five (5) questions that you hope your research paper can answer. Please number these questions 1-5 so that they can be easily extracted from your prospectus. Each must be stated in the form of a question. Be as complete and specific as possible. Review your post from your brainstorm for ideas. Consider the ⌠how■ and ⌠why■ questions you might ask of your subject.
2. a. List at least five (5) key words that you have/will used in conduction a basic search.
b. List at least five (5) key word combinations that you have/will use in an advanced search
Don’t forget the ways to limit your search by using truncations: ?, adj, and, or, not. Also, try using synonyms for your keywords, i.e., job=employment, career, work.
3. What kind of research will best answer your five questions and/or support your proposed thesis. Be as complete and specific as possible. What, if any, other research will you do, i.e., field research, interview, survey?
4. Respond to the following questions:
a. Who is your intended audience?
b. Who are you trying to persuade, recruit, argue against?
c. What do they already know about your subject?
d. How are they likely to feel about it? How impartial or prejudiced will they be?
e. What kind of counter-arguments, questions, objections might they have, and how will you respond
5. Respond to the following questions:
a. What question(s) or problem(s) will be dealt with in your research paper?
b. What is your position on your topic?
c. Your thesis should link together your topic and your particular position/assertion/claim on that topic. What are your arguable assertions or claims?
d. Although your thesis is typically something that you develop and refine as you research and write your essay, try to develop a specific, limited thesis to give you direction when you enter the library. Write a tentative, analytical thesis statement.

Remember, a thesis should: (1) clearly signal the purpose of the paper, (2) take a definite stand or position on your topic, (3) use precise and familiar terms, (4) offer a position that can be explored or expanded within 9 full pages.

Your thesis should also contain the following claims that will assert your argument and help organize your essay:
∙ One that first identifies a problem and argues its existence.
∙ then, one that argues the problem▓s cause(s).
∙ next, one that argues the problem▓s greater significance–what will happen if it goes unresolved?
∙ then, one that proposes and argues a solution, one that deals with eliminating the problem▓s cause.
∙ and finally, one gives your audience step-by-step instruction on how to implement this solution.

Finally Write Argumentative Research paper with 3 sources and a 9-full page paper.

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