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Having visited the CNN website ( for major  companies and reviewed the material at these sites through the eyes of someone looking for a job I am going to answer some questions to better illustrate these companies. What says that analysis has to be time-consuming and confusing?

On each website as a prospective employee I was interested in the following things:

  1. Company size. The larger the company the more friends i can make and the more resources it has (the better compensation package it has).
  2. Company location. The less commuting i need to make the better.
  3. Salary levels. The higher the better.
  4. Corporate products. I would not work for some unethical companies in Alcohol or tobacco industry.
  5. Subjective opinion i get about the company from the web-site’s prettiness and looks.
  6. Person interest in some industries. For instance, I would not really want to work for oil companies or resource mining companies because i take more interest in hi-tech companies.
  7. Based solely on the information I located, I believe that Google corporation scores best, in my mind, as a potential employer. Although it scored on some things lower than other companies overall it appears to present the ‘golden mean’ that attracts me.
  8. Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages to both employers and individuals seeking employment of using the Internet as a potential recruiting tool I would like to note the following:


  1. Quick access to information on all companies.
  2. Low costs associated with the company search.
  3. Ability to send resume, CV and other information to companies without leaving the room.


  1. The information we get about the company online is what the web designers and content managers want us to see.
  2. The looks and the online image the company presents might be far from truth

So, the most preferred option is Google because, based on the simple analysis it turns out to be the Best employer from the list.


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