Magazine, Game, Video, and Song Survey writing

Paper instructions: Review a magazine, video, game, or song that is targeting adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age. The goal of this project is to use the various items as an indicator of what is important in the life of an average adolescent and what inforamtion they are exposed to […]

How to write a critical analysis of the film with Johnny Depp – “FROM HELL ”

Critical analysispaper instructions: 1)explore the ways in which the Victorian East End is represented in the film 2)discuss how and why the film opts for an ideological resolution of the themes of social inequality and gender oppression as opposed to going for a counter-ideological critique of these social problems 3)Explore the meaning and function of […]

An Analysis Oedipus the King

Paper instructions: This paper will serve as a brief analysis of Oedipus the King. The analysis can be framed around the following points: 1. What is the play trying to say (theme)? 2. Whose story is it? (The main character, eg; ). 3. What are the relationships of the characters to one another? 4. Can […]

Writing a typical article summary

Start with the selection of the article. E.g. “Sex differences in Goals for Supportive Interactions” by Erina L. MacGeorge, Bo Feng, Ginger L. Butler, Jennifer L. Dane & Stacey A. Passalacqua. 2005 1. briefly summaries the research findings. 2. list one strength and one weakness of the article 3. incorporate any application of theory or […]

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Personal Values

Personal Values Development Paper. I would like to start by saying that personal values and skills represent all the knowledge, attitudes and abilities that contribute to the proper development of moral character, adherence to communal demands and a set of competencies required to properly function in the society. Our values can range from commonplace beliefs in […]

Who oversees the audit firms?

Who oversees the audit firms? Here I would like to note that as four government agencies and six committees of the US Congress investigated and assessed the US giant Enron failure, it’s important to recognize that the failure of Enron contributed to the failure of Arthur Andersen (one of the big five accounting firms) as […]

Social Psychology and Racism

Social psychology addresses the concepts of racism by analyzing publicly expressed racial or national prejudices.  Most issues are presented in terms of joint efforts of society as a whole.  The ideas that one individual has tends to transfer to others in that individual’s society.
There are four main concepts involved is associating Social Psychology and racism.  Stereotyping, Prejudicial Stereotyping, Projection and Scapegoating.