Black Box Accounting

Black Box Accounting: good or bad? I would like to start by saying that just 30 years ago, the set of rules governing corporate accounting in the USA would fill no more than three volumes and would fit in a briefcase of any corporate workers. Since then, nevertheless, the financial and accounting standards have increased […]

Elizabethan Theater

William Shakespeare and Elizabethan theater are the words that go together when speaking about the theatric masterpieces. The Elizabethan theater refers to the English theaters during the reign of Queen Elizabeth and has specific reputation for being controversial yet at the same time rather popular. The most well-known theaters are the Rose, The Hope and […]

Movie Polar Express review

Movie “Polar Express” review I would like to start by saying that The Polar Express Movie is a wonderful cinematic masterpiece that would keep the viewer enthralled from the very beginning to the end. The movie is good for both adults and kids simply because it is full of adventure, excitement, splendor and holiday cheers […]

Music and Criminal Behavior

Music and Criminal Behavior. The role that music plays in influencing adolescent criminal behavior Prior to speaking about the actual role the music plays in influencing criminal behavior in adolescent, I would like to note that music as a mean of verbal (vocal) communication certainly influences people who listen to it. In the ancient Rome […]

Epictetus and Nietzsche

Philosophy of Epictetus and Nietzsche The external world according to Epictetus (the stoic philosopher) represents the aprohairetic category which is outside the control of humans (unlike the prohairetic things which humans control). The good and evil exists only in our prohairesis, the faculty that distinguishes humans from animals and makes people have dual feelings about […]

Changes by Danielle Steel

Book Report – Changes by Danielle Steel. Early in the novel a TV anchorwoman, Melanie Adams, broadcasts a story about a young girl who needed a heart transplant raised so many emotions in viewers that Melanie’s housekeeper, Raquel had to run out of the room because she could not watch it. This episode shows how […]


“Leadership is both a process and a property.  As a process, leadership involves the use of non-coercive influence.  As a property, leadership is the set of characteristics attributed to someone who is perceived to use  influence successfully.” (Giuliani, 211) I would like to start by saying that despite numerous definitions leadership is the creative process […]

The Civil Rights Movement

The struggle for civil rights took place only in 1960s when the blacks minorities and women managed to unite together to exercise some pressure on the dominant “white men” who ruled the country in what was known as the Civil Rights Movement. It took several more years to convince the court that the status quo […]

Lab work

Lab work exercise 1. Students’ Predictions and Reasons for Predictions No. Student’s predictions Reasons for predictions   Orange peels will rot. It will be covered with fungus and deteriorate. Paper will remain unchanged longer than other nature-friendly waste products Bread will be covered with fungus and then rot. Piece of banana will melt/degrade Banana peel […]

The Great Gatsby

The work by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, is a story of an American dream which came briefly true for one of the main personages, Jay Gatsby. It is the story of a man making it from zero to hero and from rugs to riches. It is a story of great love, betrayal, glamour […]