medical diagnosis paper

Respiratory Disease Nursing Plan of care

Chief Compliant: She can barely get her words out without taking breaks to catch her breath.

History of Present Illness:

Mrs.X had frequent asthma attacks for the past 2 months. On average >4 times/week. She had serious MVA 10 weeks ago. She experienced post traumatic seizure 2 weeks after the accident. When she started anticonvulsant phenytoin therapy – no more seizure activity.

Fraud Audit Standards

New Fraud Audit Standards. Speaking about fraud I would like to say that it is rather popular in the USA especially in the large multibillion dollar corporations that probably become too greedy to report all their earnings to the IRS or who try to overstate their statements to attract even more cash from the investors […]

System of Inquiry

A system of Inquiry. For this System of Inquiry assignment I had used the organization’s existing code of ethics (presented in the addendum section for your convenience). In the following essay the system of inquiry will be created and used for evaluating decision –making, problem-solving and behavior in a business setting. One will focus on […]

Role of AICPA council

The role of AICPA council in anti-fraud program. Speaking about this AICPA topic I would like to note that it is very instructive in terms of organizational structure and the role-sharing. The special task force was appointed in February to study the role and responsibilities of the governing Council of the American Institute of Certified […]

Stress Log

Stress Log. For this assignment I will record routine and unique stressors encountered during 1 week (7 days). Next, I will record my psychological and emotional reactions to these stressors and how I responded physically to the stressors (physiological stress response), and how I coped with each stressor (use of interventions). Let me summarize the […]

Starseeker by Tim Bowler

Starseeker by Tim Bowler – Book Report. The book Starseeker by Tim Bowler is a book about a young thief (Luke) and a gifted pianist who happened to break into the house owned by an old ugly female. In the attic of the house he found a young girl who was weeping and crying. When […]

Philosophy of religion

In the modern world religious differences appear to cause some major problems, wars, discrimination and opposition. In reality, it appears that religion plays a minor role, and it is the individuals who use religion as a cover to gain power and to manipulate people to do some heinous acts in the name of God. Philosophy […]

school to work

School-to-work program

This is a sample essay on the school-to-work program to help you understand how to write such explorative papers and deal with such topic. If you need professional help, order narrative essays from Essayplant.  Otherwise, just explore the paper on school-to-work programs, and practice essay writing on your own. The U.S. Department of Education and […]

 Film Review Assignment

This is a sample film review assignment on the movie “Liar, Liar” to help you understand how to write such movie reviews and deal with movie analysis and review writing. If you need professional help, order film reviews from Essayplant.  Otherwise, just explore the film review assignment , and practice review writing on your own. […]

“A&P” by John Updike and “Yolanda” by Oscar Casares

This is a sampe comparative literary analysis on the topic “A&P” by John Updike and “Yolanda” by Oscar Casares to help you understand how to write such papers and deal with literary analysis. If you need professional help, order literary analysis from Essayplant.  Otherwise, just explore “A&P” by John Updike and “Yolanda” by Oscar Casares, and […]