Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes In America. Hate crimes are crimes represent the bias motivated crimes when the criminal commits crimes in order to hurt a particular social group against which she/he has a bias (King, 142). Typically hate crimes are crimes done against certain social groups based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, political preference, […]

History of Transcontinental Railroad

This Essay on History of Transcontinental Railroad was donated by students like you who want to improve your writing style and abilities. This sample term paper is intended for reading purposes only. As it is written by other students it can serve as a valuable example of how essays or term papers should be written. […]

Poverty and Healthcare

Poverty and Healthcare. Poverty and healthcare affect one another both directly and indirectly. The following essay explores the cause-and-effect interaction between the two concepts. Prior to going into the analysis let’s agree on the terms. Poverty means inability of a person to sustain a lifestyle that the ‘average’ person in the USA can sustain. Also […]

The Civil Rights Movement

The struggle for civil rights took place only in 1960s when the blacks minorities and women managed to unite together to exercise some pressure on the dominant “white men” who ruled the country in what was known as the Civil Rights Movement. It took several more years to convince the court that the status quo […]

Employment Law

This is a sample employment law paper to help you understand how to write history and legal papers and deal with employoment discrimination. If you need professional help, order essays and research papers from Essayplant.  Otherwise, just explore the obesity article review, and practice review writing on your own. The US legal system despite being […]

Hostile environment

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Affirmative Action

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Turning Point: The Assassination of President John Kennedy

While history often appears to be a continuous stream of events and decisions, there are some that are so dramatic that historians sometimes call them ⌠turning points.■ Sometimes the term ⌠tipping points■ is also used. These are the moments when the whole future of events hangs in the balance. The Buddhist riots of 1963, the […]

Vietnam: Limited War

Conventional wars fought on the European models developed by Napoleon involve the leadership in writing and training troops for rules of engagement (ROE). Having ROE has brought both benefits and costs, and broadly training ROE at every level of leadership right down to the foot soldiers allows every participant to make responsible decisions and accomplish […]