Changes by Danielle Steel

Book Report – Changes by Danielle Steel.

Early in the novel a TV anchorwoman, Melanie Adams, broadcasts a story about a young girl who needed a heart transplant raised so many emotions in viewers that Melanie’s housekeeper, Raquel had to run out of the room because she could not watch it. This episode shows how talented Melanie was in her job to touch people so much. The book goes on to show Melanie research more on heart transplant and meet a well-known and successful heart surgeon Peter Hallam, who had to raise three children on his own after becoming a widower. It is precisely with that man Melanie started to experience feelings that she thought were gone forever. The problem was that since both of them had their own interests, career expectations, thoughts for the future and focus on NY or LA they surely were doomed to having some misunderstanding and problems.

The plot of the story “Changes” is rather short. Melanie leaves NY for LA in order to live with Peter. She gets a job at a local news shows the kids meet each other and the idealized romance continues. The idyllic family life gets interrupted when Melanie’s daughter gets impregnated by Peter’s oldest son. The daughter then gets an abortion. Another very interesting episode that readers will never forget is when Melanie cynically assembles children and tells them that she is pregnant. The kids are not really happy about it, so they do not congratulate her, yet rather groan. The daughter who was pregnant yet had an abortion, told her mother that she did not feel well because she had an abortion and now she learnt that her mother was going to have a baby. Melanie certainly had nothing to say.

The final part of the story shows that Melanie gets fed up with her current lifestyle, with bickering children, workaholic husband, tough demands of her career, and pregnancy. She decides to move out and starts to live in a hotel room until, Peter comes to apologize for being selfish, and unfair to Melanie and asks her to return. Melanie agrees to return and the couple continues to have a perfect family life.


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