Choice essay

Life is always about making choices, and a choice essay is there to demonstrate how effectively you can make such choices and write about them. Choices set people apart, define their personalities and character and give us an opportunity to make comparisons. For most people, making a choice is difficult and burdersome; thus, writing a choice essay can be a major challenge. Still, it is possible to write a quality choice essay if you take into account all the aspects of the choice, the different sides and ideas as well as pros and cons of the choice.

How to write choice essays?

To write an great choice essay, don’t impose yourself onto the reader and don’t be judgmental. Try to remain impartial and objective and use logical arguments to persuade the readers that your choice was correct.

choice essay

choice essay

The key to writing a choice essay is to make that choice first! After all, most people do want to make the “right” choice and they spend too much time weighing all the pros and cons of a specific choice. The problem becomes greater when there are more than 2 things to choose from. In such case, a writer spends too much time in vain, trying to figure out what choice is better than others. On the other hand, choice essays are precisely this type of essay, where the writer is expected to make the choice and explain such choice in writing. Therefore, as long as you can explain your specific choice, you should not worry about why you made such a decision.

Choice essays

Choice essays

As the images above illustrate, choice essays demonstrate that a writer can prioritize and make choices. At first you should not worry about taking too much time to write a choice essay or making a decision. The tip is to stick to the topic of choice that you can defend and focus on it exclusively.

After all the goal of the choice essay is to show how effectively you can defend the choice you made.

Other than that, a choice essay follows the same writing format as other essay types. It should have an introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. It is important to logically follow the essay structure, start each paragraph with a topic sentence and concentrate on one major point per paragraph.

After the rough draft of a choice essay is written, it is important to review it in a few days in order to have a fresh look at it and to make additional improvements. After a few rounds of review, edits and revisions, one can rest assure that the choice essay is exactly what it should be.

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