Close reading

Designing a close reading assignment

a) A short poem or song (no longer than six lines)
b) A stanza or verse from a poem or song (no longer than six lines)
c) A line from a poem or song
d) A phrase from a poem or song
e) A word from a poem or song

You must then perform a close reading of your chosen lines. You must interpret the passage in a sequential (step-by-step, line-by-line) manner. It is necessary not only to notice the significance of the details but also to show how they connect to larger elements of the overall song or poem.

There should be a minimum of three sentences of analysis for each line of quoted text. For instance, if you quote three lines of a poem, then you should have at least nine sentences of commentary.

You may write on whatever song or poem you choose, BUT REMEMBER: not all material rewards close reading. The better the poem or song, the more you will be able to say about it. So, while you may be compelled to write on your favorite Britney Spears song, remember it is you who will have to find 1000 words to write about it. You must submit a copy of the poem or song lyrics when you submit your essay. 

Introduction must contain a thesis statement that supports the four body paragraphs
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