Comparison-and-contrast essay

Comparison-and-contrast essays are those that focus on the similarities and differences between certain related or unrelated objects, subjects, themes or categories. This type of essays assesses the student’s ability to exercise judgment and note different sides of the issue, the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Comparison and contrast essay writers know how to make better choices by assessing various alternatives and objectively comparing the options. Please refer use this essay writing tutorial to learn how to write a comparison-and-contrast essay.

Comparison and contrast essays have several parts such as the introduction, the comparison part, the contrast part and the conclusion. The comparison part of the comparison/contrast essay focuses on effective presentation of the similarities, while the contrast part focuses on effective presentation of differences/contrasts between two subjects.

In order to choose a topic for comparison and contrast essays, the writer should keep in mind that the number of similarities and differences between two themes, object or subjects is limited only by his/her imagination. Therefore, Comparison and Contrast Essay can be about absolutely any topic comparing and contrasting anything. Certainly, in university settings one typically compares related themes or subjects.

Comparison and contrast essays require the writer to do their homework in order to present as many facts and observations as possible. It is better to start with a brainstorming technique to generate similarities and differences between two analyzed subjects. The results should be placed in a table to obtain something like this (Please note that the table below compares a high school to a university):

High School


Free of charge

Costs money

Prepares students for the university

Prepares students for employment and future career.

Provides a broad range of subjects to study

Focuses only on specialized subjects related to a

Involves parents (PTA meetings)

Is the proper responsibility of students.

Is obligatory for all people in the USA

Is a free choice of qualified students

Ages from 16 to 20

Ages from 19 up to 99.

The table like the one above can be developed for both similarities and differences and can have has as many fields as possible. The information from the table allows the writer to create the thesis statement and a punch line to catch the attention of the reader. A sample thesis statement for High School/University comparison can be the following: “Even though high school is free, the amount of knowledge obtained in a university and a level of motivation of university students is greater than in high school”.

Comparison and contrast essay starts with a brief description of both subjects and culminates in a thesis statement presented at the end of the introductory paragraph. After the first paragraph, comparison and contrast essays develop in one of the two ways:

  • Divide the compared/contrasted subjects and speak about each of them in a separate paragraph.
  • Present similarities and differences sequentially in paragraphs one after another.

Both structures are permitted for Comparison/Contrast Essays, yet it is the writer’s choice to select the optimal structure to assure confusion-free reading and understanding by the target audience. Regardless of the subjects used in the essay, the writer should make the essay interesting and easy to read.

The conclusion of a comparison and contrast essay summarizes the correlation between the two objects used in the essay and restates the thesis statement and the major points. professional writers and expert editors know how to make a perfect comparison and contrast essays on your topic. Their writing experience may help you quickly develop a successful essay. Do not procrastinate, order comparison and contrast essays now!