Confidentiality has always committed to top standards in all its activities. Security of payment and confidentiality of services are the very areas where we provide the firmest guarantees. Learn about our confidentiality services and how many of our competitors jeopardize your security with their policies and procedures. Always select the writing company with the best confidentiality guarantees. Pick a leader that sets industry standards! We do not just promise–we back up our statements with money-back guarantees.

Other companies


They ask you to provide sensitive information (phone number, address, your university, etc.).

Do you think that information is really necessary to write a quality essay on your topic?


Providing sensitive information to these companies (even if they attract you with flashy banners and “deals”) violates the industry standards for the following reasons:

  • The companies may sell your personal information to spammers and solicitors.
  • They may abuse your information. There are cases when dissatisfied customers were blackmailed. The company that previously offered “complete confidentiality” threatened to contact the university (they pick the next few universities closest to your address) and tell your professor you used their services, etc.
  • Someone might use that information later to spam or solicit you.
  • Someone might steal that information and misuse it.
  • Having your information may at some point allow them (or whoever they may sell it to) to commit identity theft.


Of course, they all promise complete confidentiality.  Ask yourself, why do they really need that sensitive information from you?

We never ask you for your phone number or your address because that information not necessary to provide quality writing services.

They ask you for a copy of your ID, passport or card.

Again how does it help them write a quality paper for you?

The companies may at some point abuse your privacy and steal your identity. They may lose that information or leak it in some other way. never requires sensitive information that does not relate to our efforts to make the quality of services better.

They may offer you deals or “special offers” or “discounts” for providing contacts of your friends or peers.

Some companies do that for the sole purpose of spamming your friends with their special offers and guarantees. Others may also resell your (and your friends’) personal information to other even more unethical companies. never requires, or demands any personal information from the customers that does not help the writing process.

Certain assignments (like college application essays, resumes, CVs or personal essays) require certain amount of disclosure. Only then we ask customers to provide that information to provide top quality essays, resumes and other writings.

When you spot the companies that ask you for your personal information, beware, as that information may be lost, abused or misused. Quality writing services do not require the address and the phone number of a customer, and to write an A+ grade essay, one does not need to know your university or professor’s name. If you spot the companies that trick students into disclosing personal information, think twice or even three times before dealing with them. If you spot any other tricks that other custom writing companies present, please contact us and tell about them. We strive to remain the market leader in professional quality writing services and would be happy to set and to maintain top industry standards by warning others.

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