consumer bahavior paper

We had 3 interview skills which are face to face, group interview and shopping observation. In section A you have to analyse price, taste, quality, convenience and most importantly You must use the literature to compare results with the results of previous studies. Consumer behavior paper must have 2 parts: Section A and Section B.

Please use sources mostly for section A.You must demonstrate that you have read textbooks and journal papers on methodologies and some original studies and reports related to the subject content (not less than 9 out of 11) by systematic use of academic references in your report to support substantive statements and to compare your results with the findings of previous studies.

The best assignments on consumer behavior will use references throughout the report. Include a list of references cited in the report, using the Harvard System of referencing. For section B Discuss the ways in which marketing managers could use your findings on shopping/purchase determinants to improve business performance. Please stick to the requirements. thanks

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