Contentious essay

Contentious essay is one of the most common types of essays that gets written on one of the most debatable, argumentative and hot topics. Contentious essay is always about some controversy, disagreement and confrontation. What makes contentious essays difficult to write is not only the topic, which has to be interesting to the audience, but also your ability to take a firm stance and to support it throughout the essay. It does not matter whether you are pro or con, for or against something in the contentious essay as long as you can effectively defend your position. Regardless of the stance, it is necessary to collect supportive information to back up the position with facts, quotes, reputable sources and examples. As in other essay types, it is important to use peer-reviewed journals and avoid unverified sources.

Essay writing tips

What makes Contentious essay so special is the selection and focus on a very hot topic that your audience just cannot ignore. It is for this reason, choosing an extremely important and sensitive topic is a first step toward writing contentious essay. Don’t go with jaded yet vague topics on euthanasia or abortion, try something more specific instead that can be applied to your school, neighborhood or town. For example, instead of talking about freedom to bear arms or restriction to bear arms, something that millions of people talk about, write about the importance of carrying a concealed gun with you to school to defend others in case of terrorist shootings. Or, alternatively, you may argue about the importance to have metal detectors in every school building or perhaps about installing special doors that can lock the classroom safe if the terrorist is the hall. Avoid common and hackneyed topics!

Contentious essay structure

A quality Contentious essay contains coherent and articulate sections that make up the essay structure. Contentious essay has a typical Introduction-Body-Conclusion structure. The body generally has 3 paragraph. In the first body paragraph you present and develop your position. In the second body paragraph you present a dissenting opinion or the weaknesses of your position. In the third body paragraph you defeat the opposing view and reiterate why your position is superior. The introduction indicates your position and gets the readers involved by featuring some interesting or emotional material (known as the “hook”) that will keep the audience interested in reading the whole paper. The conclusion just summarizes the ideas expressed in the body part. It does not feature any new information. Nonetheless, conclusion of Contentious essay should be convincing, clear, and succinct.

Contentious essay specifics

In order to write a good contentious essay you need to be well informed and conversant, just like you need to be personally interested in your topic. It is necessary to do some preparatory work, i.e. to carry out a research, collect information, explore the opposing views and find infomraiton that helps you defeat these views and support your stance in a contentious essay. Only then you can justify your argument and persuade the audience that you position on the hot topic is what they also want to support. professional writers can help you with your contentious essays. Their writing experience (we work since 2003) will be of great value to you when you develop a successful essay. Do not procrastinate, order contentious essay now!

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