Controversial essay

A controversial essay is an essay that addresses some hot, contentious and debatable issue whether or contemporary or not. Controversial essays, therefore, resemble argumentative essays because they both argue for or against a certain topic. A controversial essay is defined as an essay that argues only on a high-charged, provocative topic. At the same time, a controversial essay can take possess elements of an expository essay, i.e. the one that informs the readers or the audience about a certain controversial subject.

Essay format

Many students have a hard time writing controversial essays because these essays require students to deal with strong, taboo and cynical topics and as a result students may fail to see both side of the topic and therefore, fail to build their arguments and position properly. In this way, they will become personally involved in the topic or issue and as a result fail to incorporate the points from the other side. Many students may be scared of becoming the object of mockery, harassment and criticism if they take a side that goes against the conventional viewpoint. The hardest thing about writing controversial papers is to remain absolutely impartial during writing.

Controversial essay structure

To create a successful controversial essay it is necessary to remain open to different sides of the issue and to remember that nothing is absolute. All opinions count, more or less, as long as they are supported with facts, reason and expert opinions. The writer’s success depends heavily on the writer’s ability to assert one’s opinion on the topic and support it with logic, expert opinion and sometimes appeals to emotion no matter what. One should not be afraid of offending the other side, and those opposing the topic. At the same time the writer needs to know all the facts and evidence that the opposing side uses to back up their claims and points of view in order to successfully refute those in the paper. It is by anticipating what the other party has to say, the writer can tailor the arguments to effectively refuse the opposition and back up one’s own stance.

Controversial essays are always about strong and emotionally-charged issues, such as racism, gay marriage, killings, politics, discrimination, limits of the freedom of speech, and money. These hot issues are frequently seen in political and social debates, so by keeping up with the modern trends, a student may easily pick the right topic. What makes these issues controversial is that frequently people support the extreme viewpoints, i.e. being on the different sides of the spectrum. A controversial essay, therefore, should never strive to find some centrist position that would accommodate the distinct points of view and to appease the opposing sides. It should stick with one of such extreme positions and debate it successfully. It takes courage, it takes guts.

Controversial essays, therefore always impose one point of view onto the others (readers) as outlined clearly in the thesis statement. The introductory paragraph and the thesis statement, thus, should be a door-in-the-face to the readers, making them open their mouths with the amazement and awe and continue reading it. Strong language is usually a part of a successful controversial essay, therefore one may use it without fear. Presenting a thesis statement in a strong language is what makes the issue more pressing and urgent and your position hot.

Controversial essay writing tips

A controversial essay, therefore, is one of the essays that is located on the very extreme of the argumentative-type essay scale. Without strong language and without strong adherence to a certain position concerning a pressing hot issue, it may become but an argumentative essay. Still what makes a controversial essay so powerful is not a writer’s rage but rather an ability to effectively structure the arguments, disarm and defeat the opposition and capitalize on its weaknesses. Every point of view should be supported with multiple examples, while the whole essay should never sound like a rant or a complaint. This type of essay should use sophisticated academic tone and be based on the logic and expert opinions colored with a strong language to win the debate and knock out the opposing side. expert writers and professional editors can assist you in preparation of your Controversial essays. Their writing experience allows them to quickly develop a successful essay on your topic. Look no further —buy your essay now!