Deductive essay

Deductive Essays are essays that students start to write in high schools and continue to write in colleges and universities. These essays effectively assess not only the knowledge of a student on a particular topic/course, but also the student’s ability to think logically and deduct information from the commonly available truths/knowledge. Deductive Essays require the use of deduction or the concept of thought based on a set of circumstances, clues and premises as well as reasonable assumptions and conclusions on the chosen topic. In a nutshell, Deductive essay writing requires the writer to detect and solve puzzles related to sciences, language, people or concepts. Deductive writing takes into account existing facts, measures, truths and uses them to establish a new conclusion based on the predictions obtained from proper analysis of existing facts, measures and truths. Deductive essay writing concentrates on the following elements:

  • Premise. This is the fact one uses to establish new facts and come to a conclusion.
  • Evidence. This is the information the writer uses to related premises to the chosen situation or topic of the deductive essay.
  • Conclusion. This is the final analysis of the topic or the situation. It is obtained only after careful evaluation of premises and evidence.

The use of premises, evidence and conclusion can be seen in a simple example below:

Premise: All men are mortal.

Evidence: Tom Cruise is a man.

Conclusion: Tom Cruise is mortal.

Deductive thinking is used by people in a daily life. For instance, when people look out of the window and see a rainbow, they deduct that there must have been rain sometime ago. When they observe a wet street, they get another evidence that there must have been rain a while ago. They can observe the trees, buildings, clouds, the grass and other objects outside to conclude that indeed it was raining. Without external evidence, the wet street might have been caused by the sprinkler system. The process of deductive thinking takes us only an instance, yet in that time period people compare the existing information with the past life experiences and come up to a logical, deductive conclusion. Deductive reasoning always takes the most reasonable solution to consider it the most possible. Deductive thinking gave birth to Ocun’s razor, the law which states that the most likely solution is probably correct. According to Ocun’s razor concept, if you see a wet street it is probably rain, rather than a sprinkler system or a street cleaning rpogram that made it wet.

Just like any other successfully written essay, a deductive essay should be easy to understand, interesting and up-to-the-point. Each paragraph focuses on one main thought. The thesis statement is presented in the introduction statement and is supported in the conclusion. The conclusion should be strong and supported with the evidence presented in the body of the deductive essay. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your Deductive Essays. Their writing experience allows them to grasp the topic and quickly develop a successful essay. Do not procrastinate, order Custom Deductive Essay now!