“Educating Freedom” initiative by Essayplant.com

“Educating Freedom” initiative

Do you know what as you read this text, there are bloody revolutions taking place around the world in at least 5 different places? Millions of people are abused, kicked out of their houses, or displaced in other ways. Millions are seeking refuge abroad in order to restart their lives. Essayplant.com chose to contribute to the cause and offered special discount programs to the clients coming from the nations where revolutions take place, including Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Thailand and France.  Similar initiative is presented to boost the quality of education in Africa, namely Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda and Zanzibar. Essayplant.com tutors the customers from these nations and helps them prepare for Western college or university in order to partake from the best available educational opportunities.

The initiative quickly got its results and in the Ukraine, Essayplant.com is one of the most popular websites that provides young Ukrainians with an opportunity to develop their college application package and the admission essay and quality for foreign tuition. “We are extremely proud to help this young post-Soviet nation [among many others] on its way to democracy and freedom”, says Robert Breen, company’s General Manager. Essayplant.com is committed to democratic developments worldwide and continues to help all those students who need academic help. “Educating Freedom” initiative is at work!

Let me remind you that 1 months ago www.Essayplant.com started a special “freedom initiative” providing discounts to the customers coming from the nations where revolutions take place at the moment.  This move allowed Essayplant.com become one of the most popular websites in the Ukraine and Greece scoring extremely high on visits from these nations!

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