Explication essay

Explication Essay is one of the most important papers students get assigned in university or college literature classes. Many confuse the term “explication” with “explanatory” and fail to provide the best writing on the topic. Professors tend to be very harsh on grading this type of essay simply because explication essays are never longer than 1000 words, so students have to take time and use their professional writing skills to write a true masterpiece in a few words.

To explicate an essay or paper one has to slowly unfold the meaning of text, moving slowly from passage to passage. In some cases one has to move from line to line of a verse or a poem or even read between the lines to fully explicate the text. Students might explicate either poetry, verses or large pieces of text, stories and novels. Due to a relatively small size of this type of essay, all explication essays must have sharp focus. Students need to concentrate on the central theme, the climax and the turning points of the chosen text. It is only through a close reading of one scene, students can unfold the story’s meaning as fully as they can.

Explicating is about slowly revealing the meaning of some passage, verse, poem or text. The first step is to choose that passage from one of the choices given by your college or university professor. The next step is to identify key scenes, a statement of theme, a crucial conservation as well as opening and closing sections of the chosen piece of literature. The other step is to interpret the passage in a sequential (step-by-step, line-by-line) manner. It is necessary not only to notice the significance of the details but also to show how they connect to larger elements of the overall story, poem or verse. Thus, a preliminary analysis of the theme, the characters, motives, or symbols is necessary. The best way to start explication essay or paper is to quote the major passage and identify the page and paragraph in parenthesis. Once the writing started, students can proceed with the line-by-line explication.

One can also use another approach to explicating text and start with the general assessment of the plot of the story, paying much attention to background and exposition. Things like the climax, denouement and resolution are to follow. The key is to demonstrate the crafting of the overall plot of the story and how the chosen excerpts reinforces the major theme of the story or verse.

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