Exploratory essay

One of the most interesting peculiarities of Exploratory Essays is that the writer does not know the end of the essay and does not use authoritative statements to establish some conclusion. The writers do not have to let their personal feelings or opinions interfere with the development of the essay. On the other hand, they should establish a proper framework for a research to take place and stir up an inquisitive part of reader’s mind. Exploratory Essay writing is meant to allow everyone to learn more, not to propagate some ideas.

The purpose of an Exploratory Essay is to create an inquiry rather than a meticulous presentation of facts. While an inquiry essay requires the writer to present arguments one after another, the exploratory essay requires writers to look at different solutions and arguments possible. Some of the most important elements of a successful exploratory essay are presented below:

  • Exploratory essays concentrate on questions rather than on a thesis statement.
  • Introspective strategy for writing exploratory essays focuses on immediate processes.
  • Retrospective strategy for writing exploratory essays concentrates on artistic presenation of facts.
  • Exploratory essays record the writer’s research and thinking about the research. These essays address content-related and rhetorical/open-ended questions regarding the solutions to chosen problems presented in the essay.
  • The writer should assess the strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions and briefly note those in the essay.
  • Exploratory Essays usually are dialectical in their nature since they contribute to synthesis of contraries and are not focused on the end result (conclusion) but rather on the learning process.

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