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Other companies



They charge very high prices, but then immediately offer you a discount.

They want to fool you and to make you think that you are getting some special deal.

Same uniform prices. Slightly below the market. Consistent top quality writing.

They offer you “seasonal” or other special discounts.

Come on! Custom writing industry is not about a Christmas sale of some previously-produced merchandize that occupies too much space on the shelf and needs to be sold ASAP!

Beware of the companies that offer you special “discounts” on custom essays, because:

  • they may sell you old, plagiarized papers written previously for other students.
  • they hire cheap foreign writers that can provide poor-quality writing for less money.

EssayPlant.com always produces papers from scratch and always hires industry’s top writers and editors that get paid decent salaries and wages.

We guarantee that all papers are authentic and written just for you.

They offer you unbelievably low prices.

This is because they hire some foreign writers who work for a few dollars and a plate of rice a day.

Their quality will disappoint you. You will just waste your precious time with them.

Our prices are very competitive. The quality of essays is very high. We offer money-back guarantees to support our claims.

They promise you low prices and then trick you to pay more.

For example, they lure you with promises that the prices “start at $10.99/page”. Then it turns out that those are the prices for high school level essays due in 4 weeks. To get a university-level paper within a reasonable amount of time you have to pay 3 times more!

This is just a marketing trick. These guys simply consider you a fool, who is supposed to click the “buy essay” button keeping the promised $10.99/page in mind and then pay $33.99/page or more.

Don’t buy into these tricks. After all, can you really entrust your essay, your grade and your academic success to companies that lure you with these small tricks?

Fixed prices that do not change and do not mislead you. The prices are uniform for colleges and university level assignments. Their fractional growth depends solely on the urgency of your assignment.

If you know of other tricks that writing companies use, please contact us and tell us about them. We will make them available to other students and help them choose only the most honest and reliable companies that provide only quality writing.

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