False Memory Syndrome

False Memory Syndrome
Write my research paper over the false memory syndrome. My paper will cover all aspects of the false memory phenomena. For instance, the role false memories can have, such as the implanting of false memories, the autobiographical memory, detecting false memories, and the recovering of false memories. The false memory topic will also explain the dangers behind someone in a serious legal matter that can lose everything because of a false memory. The idea that anyone especially a psychiatrist can cause false memory syndrome to occur is a scary idea and I would like to shed light on that fact.

Guidelines for False Memory Syndrome.
Present a cohesive summary of your findings in APA style. The majority of this evidence must come from “primary source” journal articles in which the details of the experimental procedures are spelled out so that you can critically evaluate the conclusions reached by the authors. You should not rely heavily on “secondary sources “such as textbooks, review-type articles, or those articles already discussed in the text. In other words, you’ll need to find several new articles relevant to your topic on your own. You are also not allowed to use general internet sources (such as Wikipedia or other internet sites). You will summarize and critically evaluate the scientific sources in your paper, discussing how they support or refute the theory in question. Your paper should discuss a minimum of 3 or 4 primary source articles, but can include secondary source articles or articles discussed in your text as additional support for your position for or against the theory. ⌠A■ papers do more than just appropriately summarize recent findings as stated above. To earn an A grade, your paper must also take the form of a research proposal by doing the following: Critically evaluate the research articles, emphasizing flaws in the research methodology, gaps, or discrepancies in the research findings. After your critical evaluation, the last portion of your paper should be a proposal for a new research study (a new experimental design) that will help provide additional evidence for or against the theory in question. It should give the details of the procedures, and you should make clear the purpose of the study and why you think the results of this study will help resolve the issues involved. Finally, you should indicate your ⌠expected results■ (hypotheses) incorporating an explanation of the reasons for that prediction. Review and use at least six primary source articles.

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