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The movie “Liar, Liar” is dramedy film created by Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur in 1997 and directed by Tom Shadyac. Out of all actors, Jim Carrey is the most famous and the most prominent. All other actors are not as popular and comprise, Maura Tierney (Audrey Reede), Justin Cooper (Max Reede), Jim Carrey (Fletcher Reede), Cary Elwes (Jerry), and Jennifer Tilly (Samantha Cole) to name but a few.

The plot of this dramedy is direct and straightforward. Fletcher Reede is a prominent lawyer who does everything possible to succeed in his career even if it means breaking his promise, lie, or not tell the truth. In the movie, Fletcher is shown as breaking his promise to be at his son’s birthday and subsequently lying to him and his ex-wife Audrey about why he broke the promise. The most interesting thing starts when his son blow the candles of the birthday cake and makes a wish that his father was unable to lie for the whole day. As the wish comes true Fletcher realizes that he cannot lie or withhold the truth thus he starts to experience some major problems communicating with others and actually feels that he would fail one important case that would boost his career. One of his witnesses was willing to commit perjury and that was supposed to win the case, yet Fletcher could not even ask questions if he knew they would result in a lie. Ultimately he did win the case by finding some legal loophole, yet at the same time he realized that his son and his Audrey are two extremely important people in his life that he was about to lose. The movie features some other adventures of Fletcher, including a getting into a jail and chasing his wife’s plane, yet ultimately they all unite and are seen being together the next year.

I liked the movie very much simply because it contained so much fun statements made by Jim Carrey and the funny situations he found himself in when he was unable to lie. Overall, the plot was very creative and in fact it showed how magic (i.e. the wish of Max that came true) can naturally integrate in adult movies and make them both fun and instructive.

The movie kept me laughing many times. For instance the reply “I’ve had better” to the question asked by his lover “Did you like sex with me?” and a subsequent situation when Fletcher gets kicked out kept me laughing for several minutes. Actually, I believe that most films with Jim Carry have somewhat similar humor that involves adult themes. For instance in the movie Bruce Almighty, Jim Cary (who played Bruce) enlarged his girlfriend’s breasts and make a dog defecate in the toilet as people do. If I were to sum up with only one sentence how I felt about the movie Liar, Liar, I would note that the movie overall was extremely kind, family-values oriented and fun, yet it is also superb acting of Jim Cary and his perfect emotions that made it especially fun and entertaining.

As for criteria  I would consider for the evaluation of the movie, I have to note that the movie needs to be judged based on several things. First of all it is the plot, which must be original and unpredictable. In Liar, Liar it was both. Furthermore, it is the acting which was surely done rather professionally, especially by Jim Carey. The video/audio/cinematography or the way the movie looks to the viewer, the selection of colors, sounds and voices that the viewer experiences is what also needs to be taken into consideration to in evaluation. Ultimately, it is the ‘utility’ of the movie, which in the case of Liar, Liar it taught people that lying is bad, that family is the most important thing in the world and that one can have and success even when telling only the truth. The movie certainly kept the viewers like me entertained till the very last moment.

Finally, it is necessary to note that the movie of Tom Shadyac was a true masterpiece in terms of the plot, the acting, the video/audio/cinematography and the ‘utility’. The movie can be perfectly allowed for family viewing as it endorses family values, makes people understand the most important things in their lives and simply to enjoy their time with excellent acting of Jim Carey.


Movie “Liar, Liar”,


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