Final Proposal (Prospectus) essay

Develope a Final Proposal (Prospectus). The Final Proposal (Prospectus) is a PROPOSAL (DO NOT IMPLEMENT THE PROPOSAL, THIS IS FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES ONLY) for an hypothical experimental or quasi-experimental study. The proposal should focus on one of the experimental or correlational designs found in (Jackson, S. L., 2009). Examples could be correlation (Pearson, Spearman, Point Biserial) or regression, ANOVA (correlated or independent groups) repeated measures ANOVA (e.g. 2 X 2), t-test, chi square or non-parametric t-test or ANOVA. Survey Studies, descriptive design studies, single subjects design and any qualitative method WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
So you will need to find a topic by surveying a section of the Psychology literature. This might be something from Social Psych, Development, I/O, Abnormal or really any field. Your proposed subjects (remember, we are not going run any actual research) can be adults, or children. Think about how you are going to recruit your subjects too.

Keep your study goals modest. We would all like to find the cause of schizophrenia or of why people tell lies. Also, please don’t get into studies involving complex biological subjects unless you are well versed in those. We would like to study very large groups, but most studies in Psychology run maybe 40 or 50 to 100 people.
We want our studies to be able to pass Institutional Review Board scrutiny. That means informed consent (or a waiver if you can present a good reason). It means minimizing any harm, physical or psychological, to our subjects. It means maintaining confidentiality.
*Must be written in APA Format
*Must have 9 SCHOLARLY references(Stronger papers have a mix of primary and secondary sources).

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