Five-paragraph essay assignment example.

Paper instructions:
Students will discern the connections that exist among three texts about epidemics from three different disciplines (history, anthropology, science, politics, sociology) the conservation implies that all three texts engage the topic of disease and epidemics different perspectives. the student should indicate from which discipline the perspective is given.

Student will select two texts from among the readings and handouts and in addition include one text chosen independently. the 3rd text may be a movie or a television show.

The texts available for different perpectives are:
Guns, Germ and Steel – Anthropology
The great Influenza – Science, history and politics
Why are we so Fat- Sociology, economics
USDA government inspected – politics, history

I already have a introduction and will like to be:

Ever since men have lived together with others and formed societies, the presence of disease and epidemics has existed and burden our very existence. These diseases have presented mankind with a challenge to his very survival. By looking at disease from different perspectives, man can discover ways diseases are spread and ways they react. With this solid information men can further create ways of prevention and cures.

Paragraph 2 and 3 – Perspective one
Paragraph 4 and 5- perspective two
paragraph 6 and 7- Perspective three

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