Five-paragraph essay

The five-paragraph essay (5-paragraph essay) is a formal format of written argument, usually assigned in high-school and early university. It is an essay formed from 5 paragraphs/sections. The structure of the 5-paragraph essay is rigid and requires:

  1. Introduction. Thesis Statement.
  2. Body Paragraph 1. Topic Sentence 1.
  3. Body Paragraph 2. Topic Sentence 2.
  4. Body Paragraph 3. Topic Sentence 3.
  5. Conclusion. Restatement of thesis statement and summary of supporting points.

5-paragraph essays allow students to put more structure and learn “tactical level” of writing: making unified paragraphs, writing referred transitions, thesis statements, etc. The simple and rigid essay structure limits the authors’ range of expression, so five-paragraph essays are not suited for advanced writing.

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