Good Academic Writing

 What I Feel Makes a Good Academic Writing

 Academic writing involves not only creative writing but technical writing as well.  A good academic writing, if creative, puts emphasis on artistic point of view.  It is marked with colorful words that weave beautiful ideas.  It allows usage of words and structures responsive to a particular personal prescription.  The style is easy, light and familiar and reflects a particular mood.  Creative writing pours out from the heart to what is natural, pure and sincere.  It may involve the flow of cosciousness or strict adherence to the canons of writing. There are no limitations here, but the formal university requirements place restrictions on the length of the text and on the way a specific topic is to be covered or disclosed. If good grade is the goal, it is important to stick to these rules. If, on the other hand, one is participating in some writing competition, especially creative writing, then clearly, there is no need to be bounded by limitations. The work will be evaluated based on the impact it makes on the reader or evaluator.

Technical writing on the other hand, is not an ordinary pen wielding activity. Skill is developed and perfected to suit well-defined objectives.  It does not offer subjectivity.  It is neither poetry nor fiction where it suggests any number of meanings.  It is not highly personal like a non-fiction essay.  Technical writing is something that can be learnt, while it is still believed that great writers are born, not made.

Finally, a good academic writing is clear, well organized and reads naturally.  The document must be presentable with correct grammar, punctuation and stylistically correct.  It must define exactly the purpose of the document and makes sure every part contributes to the purpose.


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