Hostile environment

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Policy to combat hostile environment

In order to establish policies that would combat hostile environment, the Gotham City needs to understand that it involves not only vulgar and sexually explicit language and sexually oriented posters (that would directly constitute sexual harassment) but also the overall corporate culture that tolerates such statements and does not apprehend the abusers (Andrew, 2005). The policy can be developed in the following manner:

  1. Exploring the concept of sexual harassment.
  2. Crafting a policy.
  3. Distributing the policy to all employees obliging them to sign it.
  4. Developing the reporting system to make sure that employees can report the violators of the policy.
  5. Enforcing the policy through the reporting system.

 Memorandum on implementation of policy on hostile environment

The two most important issues that employers are going to face in the next few years are going to be discrimination and illegal employment.

As the US population rapidly ages, more and more employees retire and the companies have to pay the increasing costs of insurance, pension, sick leave, etc. It is very likely that the companies in the next few years are going to be doing everything possible to reduce the number of aged workers for the sole purpose of not incurring higher costs.

Illegal employment is going to be the next big issue in the next few years because currently US is the home of the greatest number of third world emigrants who want to live in the USA and because currently the US economy is experiencing tremendous economic challenges. Since American workers ask for much more money than illegal immigrants more and more companies will be lured to hire them and pay pennies compared to what American workers would ask.


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