How to write a critical analysis of the film with Johnny Depp – “FROM HELL ”

Critical analysispaper instructions:
1)explore the ways in which the Victorian East End is represented in the film
2)discuss how and why the film opts for an ideological resolution of the themes of social inequality and gender oppression as opposed to going for a counter-ideological critique of these social problems
3)Explore the meaning and function of the film’s ending
1)The Jerry White chapter and the Glinert chapter
2)extra research on their own (academic books and journal articles only!)

The goal of the essay is for you to develop your ideas about the film’s ideological stance in its representation of the Ripper story. The film is arguably not neutral or balanced in the way it represents social inequality and gender oppression. The directors exploit the poverty and destitution of the Victorian East End by simply using it as an exciting backdrop for their ‘serial killer’ genre movie. The film does not offer the viewer any profound social critique of EITHER the Victorian East End OR the modern thirst for slasher movies. You need to explore and explain how and why this is so.

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