How to write analytical paper. Industry analysis example

The project is to collect, organize and interpret data on any U.S based industry of your choosing and provide a two full page(longer is fine) written summary.

The paper must include:
1. A brief description of the industry. If appropriate you can give a short history of the industry.
2. An overview of the companies and the type of competition or market structure of the industry. What are the industry characteristics that support this? It is fine to provide more detailed information on the biggest 2 or 3 companies in the industry. Support your market structure analysis with industry research and use of course material. Is the product differentiated? Do suppliers have pricing power? Who are the customers of this product?

3. Profitability and outlook of the economic health of the industry. What type of profits are the companies earning? What are the sales growth trends? What are the future expectations for growth in this industry? Provide an analysis.

4. How are prices determined in this industry? Who are the customers? What considerations are involved in their purchase decisions?

5. Issues particular to this industry, i.e. anti-trust regulation, international trade, environment, etc. Include an analysis of the issues.

You must document your sources by providing in-paper citations and a list of references.

Grading Criteria and Points: Instructor will grade the assignment for written communication skills, completeness of assignment, use and relevance to the course material, and critical thinking skills.
The paper should be written in Microsoft Word (Times New Roman, 12 pt font with 1″ margins, double-spaced)

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