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This case represents the prevalent xenophobic, and racist attitudes that appeared in our country as a result of the demonizing the Arabs following the US-led crusade for oil. The case clearly shows that one black coworker is abhorred and disliked to the point that the union will initiate a strike. This case reminded me of the strikes that the whites in schools and universities initiated after the US law removed the “separate but equal” principle. Just like Sorin which is discriminated in his organization, and his employees are being willing to strike, so were thousands of white children and professors ready to strike just to keep the black students out (Walsh , 2007).

Certainly, since no one found any evidence that Sorin was associated with terrorism/separatism, no one should have the right to dislike Sorin for that reason. The employees who feel uncomfortable working with Sorin should be warned or fired. After all, it is their personal dislike of Sorin based on some unproved information. The union can be taken to court for supporting discrimination and threatening the organization with a strike if it does not remove someone that the union does not like based on his potential affiliation (which was not proven). Sorin should sue the newspaper for libel and demand a compensation and public apology simply because the newspaper’s mistake is what stirred up discriminatory attitudes within organization (Guerin, 2006).

In practice, the organization will evaluate the costs associated with the dismissal of Sorin and possible litigation and the costs it will incur if the union indeed leads a strike. So if it is cheaper to pay Sorin a certain sum of money not to sue the company or to pay Sorin restitution than to incur losses associated with a strike, the company will fire Sorin.

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