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Having analyzed together with my group members two persons, Violet and Greg we have identified their need for something that would free them from the trouble of having to carry so much clothes with them all along. The CTG machine that shrinks clothes into a little compact ball (or any shape) with the help of heat/steam valves and special fabrics can allow Violet and Greg to turn their clothes into compact things rather than go home to get change every time they want to.

The role that my discipline “industrial design” plays in the design idea developed in my group is tremendous. After all, we are inventing a new product that would help people like Greg and Violet to save time and energy on extra trips home. The characteristics of the design from the point of view of my discipline can be explained as result-oriented rather then looks-oriented.

The reasons for the decisions that shaped these characteristics are the following:

  1. People are likely to have busier schedules.
  2. They will have less time to waste on commuting or trips to home just to get changed.
  3. They need some solution to get changed quickly (change clothes quickly).
  4. The machine should provide a clear benefit of saving time.

The likely effectiveness of this aspect of the design in assisting the design to support future social practices cannot be overestimated. If CTG machines gets used around most places where people need to change (such as gyms, saunas, spas, restaurants, bars, discos, shops) it will support future social practices of shrinking and unshrinking the clothes rather than going back home to get changed/get dressed. People technically could be able to carry many more clothes with them then ever before.

The main claim of this project is that the CTG Machine can provide the following advantages:

  1. It shrinks clothes tremendously. Although we have not carried out an extensive research on different fabrics that will dominate future fashion, we assume that CTG machine will shrink the clothes to 1/20th of its original size.
  2. It un-shrinks clothes tremendously from 1/20th of its original size to the normal size.
  3. The shrunk clothes can be easily carried wherever a person wants to.

The evidence shows that both Greg and Violet, despite having different lifestyles do face the problem of commuting that wastes their time every time they need to get changed for different social events. After all, in order to get to the gym one needs clothes that differ from those that one wears to the work, to a posh restaurant, and to a disco. CTG Machine allows Greg and Violet to have the spare clothes in their ‘shrunk’ form with them stored in a small bag or a wallet and to be un-shrunk just whenever they need to wear those for a social event.

The warrant of this assignment is that after realizing different needs and problems we came to a realization that the need to wear different clothes for various social events is what creates some trouble and inefficiency to the future citizens. CTG Machine is going to benefit them directly by accommodating their need for clothes portability.

The backing that is operating within my reflection involves certain assumptions that we have to make about the CTG Machine simply because there is nothing truly like this found in the world. I am aware of the machines that pack towels and socks using vacuum. These pieces of fabric are stored in a small plastic bag. They are hard and require immersion into water before they can be unpacked. As far as I could tell these towels shrink by roughly 40%. The CTG Machine will make use of novel future fabrics that can be further shrunk with out losing their qualities. The idea is to be able to shrink the clothes as much as possible in order for those to occupy as little space as possible. If that is achieved, we would be able to help the future generations to save a lot of time on trips to home for the sole purpose of getting changed.

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