Juvenile Prostitution

Juvenile Prostitution
Research Proposal

Select a topic of your choice and write an 8-10 page research proposal. Font: Times New Roman size 12. Your research proposal should include the following:

1. An introduction (about 1 page)
2. Literature review (about 3-4 pages). Find peer-reviewed articles related to your topic (juvenile prostitution, teen prostitution) and paraphrase important conclusions of these articles that support or reject your hypothesis. Make sure to cite them all using the APA style.
3. Write about one to three research questions that your study seeks to explore.
4. Answer these research questions in a positive or negative manner. These will be your hypotheses. E.g. Poverty increases the crime rate. Church going decreases delinquency.
You can also have a null hypothesis which says that the independent variables have no effect on the dependent variable.
5. Methodology: This is your most important section as you will be writing about your major concepts, how you will operationalize them, your independent and dependent variables, your data gathering strategies (be very specific), and how you plan to analyze the data you propose to collect. (About 3-4 pages).
6. Conclusion: In this section write what you hope to find from your research as you will not be actually conducting your study on juvenile prostitution.

While your paper must have a scholarly tone (e.g. using appropriate grammar and a college-level vocabulary, not using contractions or the first-person), it should consist mainly of your own original ideas and thoughts on juvenile prostitution. Use the APA style for references. Also follow the writing rubric on your syllabus to make sure you have covered all the areas on which you will be graded.

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